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About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement (NSHR) is a non-invasive approach to hair restoration. Instead of costly surgical methods, this alternative method can solve your hair loss problems overnight. While it does not re-grow one's hair, it is a virtually undetectable way to conceal visible hair loss.
Sew St. Louis Salon and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement center provides medical hair loss candidates with natural-looking, high-quality prosthetic hair-loss solutions.

Traditional non-invasive medical hair replacement methods are dated, often lack affordability and do not cater to a diverse audience due to a limited variety of styles and hair textures.


To solve this problem, our hair replacement specialists converge traditional non-invasive medical hair replacement methods with solutions powered by the cosmetic beauty industry to appeal to the emerging hair loss market. 

With a wide variety of diverse styles and textures, you can choose from temporary or semi-permanent hair options that look and feel as natural as your own.

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Is NSHR Right For You?
Whether you are experiencing some thinning in certain areas or are completely bald, we can help. Each method and installation is custom based on each individual's hair restoration needs. 

How Are We Different From Others?

Innovative Approach
Beauty and Healthcare Merge. By converging traditional medical hair loss solutions with the latest cosmetic beauty techniques and trends, we can provide the simplest approach to bring you the most natural-looking hair that you've always dreamed of. 
Immediate Results.  On-demand product and services available all under one roof.
Variety. With direct access to foreign hair manufacturers, we offer nothing but the highest quality 100% human hair in a variety of colors, hair styles and textures  to choose from.
Long Term Solutions
We Have What You Need. Temporary and semi-permanent hair loss solutions available.

How Can I Schedule a Consultation?

This service is by APPOINTMENT ONLY and requires a detailed consultation. Give us a call for more details and to schedule your no-obligation consultation today. (314) 942-9000
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