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We offer multiple methods of hair extension installation. However, not every method is for everyone. When determining whether not not a certain method is right for you, we take into account several important factors: The current condition of your real hair, the desired look you are wanting to achieve, lifestyle and budget. 


Service pricing does NOT include extensions. Extensions are sold separately. Click Here for more detailed information regarding services and pricing.

Braided Sew-In

IMG-1789 (1).JPG

The client's real hair is braided to the scalp, and weft extensions are then sewn to the braids using a needle and thread.  This can be done as a partial (with some of the client's real hair left out) or as a full-head installation (non of the client's real hair is left out). Sew-in extensions are for those wanting longer, fuller hair or for those who simply want a fast and  affordable way  to switch up their their usual style.


Sew-ins are a safe way to experiment with color and long/shorter hair lengths without altering your real hair. They are a great protective style and promote healthy hair growth, if maintained properly. This method does not include the use of glue, clips or adhesives. When properly maintained, they can last up to 6-8 weeks. Sew-ins are suitable for most hair types, and are especially great for those experiencing balding, thinning and mild to moderate hair loss. 

Braided Sew-In with Lace Closure



lace closure.jpg


A Lace-Closure sew-in is a braided sew-in method where non of the client's real hair is left out.  What's so exciting about this specialty type of sew-in is that, although non of the client's hair is out,  a  4x4 lace-closure allows for a natural-looking part.  This method is for those wanting a protective style or those experiencing thinning or balding. With proper maintenance, the install can last up to 4-6 weeks.

Beaded-Row "Braidless" Sew-In

Braidless Attachment



Beaded-Row sew-ins are also known as "Braidless Sew-Ins," "Micro-Link Sew-Ins," or "Beaded Weft Extensions." This method is similar to the Braided Sew-In, where weft extensions are sewn on.


However, the difference is that there are no braids. Instead, a micro-link (also called a "ringlet") is attached to a small  portion of the client's real hair.

The weft extensions are then sewn over the beads for a flat and natural install. Beaded row extensions are best suitable for those with longer,  thick hair. 

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement






Non-Surgical Hair Replacement (NSHP) is a non-invasive approach to hair restoration. Instead of costly surgical methods, this alternative method can solve your hair loss problems overnight. While it does not re-grow one's hair, it is a virtually undetectable way to conceal visible hair loss.


Whether a client is experiencing some thinning or are completely bald, each method and installation is custom based on the each individual's hair loss needs.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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